The HELP program stands for the

Hospital Ergonomic Leadership Program

The COST AVOIDANCE program for a proactive management team!

What is the process?

-- Review of injury, internal and claims data, no less than 3- 5 years? What monies are you spending on claims and what is the potential spend: Estimated claims costs and premium predictions?

-- Review of current patient handling policies and education plans - what is your current methodology?

-- Observations of care areas & equipment - Is it the right fit?

-- Staff interviews - ensuring consultative approach - Do you have a culture of safety?

What can it do for you?

Identify opportunities:

-- Reduce employee injuries and injury costs

-- Improve patient handling ergonomics

-- Upgrade work policies, processes, equipment utilization & selection

Formalise Organisational goals:

-- Avoid common pitfalls with an ergonomics program

-- Identify intervention priorities

-- Achieve the best possible payback for your investment

Who can help you?

Assessment conducted by an Independent safety consultant - Pippa Wright

Pippa Wright has worked in the Health industry for 40+ years Div1 RN with a number of postgraduates in nursing as well as tertiary degrees in Occupational Health and Safety and Risk Management. She holds the titles of Certified Safe Patient Handling Professional, Chartered OHS Professional and is a Fellow of the Safety Institute of Australia. Pippa currently sits on the Board of the International Panel of Patient Handling and Ergonomics (IPPHE) and Chair of the Australian Association of Manual Handling of People (AAMHP).

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